Since 1991, Aronfeld Trial Lawyers has built a reputation for helping people achieve fair compensation when they've been wronged. Some of our more notable cases have been against Walt Disney World, State Farm Insurance, Firestone Tires, Miami-Dade County, Baptist Hospital, and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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Oil & Toxic Spills

The discharge of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials into the environment can have a devastating effect on the health, livelihood, and property values of those living in and around the area. Environmental pollution may occur over an extended period  such examples include the leaking of gasoline from an underground storage tank that results in groundwater contamination -- or swiftly and catastrophically from disasters and accidents at oil refineries, transportation carriers, and coal mining operations, etc.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, P.A.  will prosecute Oil and Toxic Spills to obtain compensation for families and property owners harmed by toxic environmental exposures.

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Class Action / Multi District Litigation Products Liability

Manufacturers of defective products must be held accountable when their products hurt
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Chinese Drywall

Homeowners across the country are being faced with health problems, plunging property values.
What is causing this problem?

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Accutane & Yaz/Yasmine

Accutane is prescribed for the treatment of severe acne.
Unfortunately, Accutane has severe and sometimes lethal side effects.  The side effects range from Crohn’s Disease and Colitis to birth defects to feelings of depression which have led to suicide.  We are representing victims of this dangerous product as they seek justice for their injuries.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical mistakes are costly and often leave families devastated. The laws in Florida are purposely designed to protect doctors and hospitals and not patients.  

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Plastic Surgery Malpractice

If you have been the victim of a plastic surgery nightmare, we invite you to contact Spencer Aronfeld for a free and confidential consultation. 

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Car Accidents

Our office represents individuals who have suffered a significant change in the quality of their lives due to car accidents.

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Wrongful Death

When someone's carelessness causes the death of a family member all of the money in the world cannot satisfy the loss. 

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Cruise Ship Accidents

When on a vacation, the last thing people expect is to be involved in a life changing accident. Cruise ship cases are extremely complex and require almost immediate legal intervention.

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Slip and Fall

We have represented dozens of injured people who have slipped and fallen at: insert list. Some of these businesses have chosen profits over people by not maintaining their properties as safely as possible.

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Sexual Assault

When a patient is a victim of sexual assault by a doctor or in a hospital the emotional and physical injuries can be devastating.

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Negligent Security

Businesses like shopping malls and movie theatres have a responsibility to make their premises safe.

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Bicycling Injuries

As a retired bicycle racer, I have spent a lot of time on a bicycle.
I have also had my own share of accidents, including being hit by a car.  

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Legal Help for Oil Rig Explosion Victims

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